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New EX2000 Voice Server  
Starting at $1700.00
Open Source EX20000  Unified VOIP, originally authored by Mark Spencer of Digium, which
including SIP, IAX, T1, E1, ISDN, PRI, FXO, and FXS. All of these protocols are also
supported by our  
EX2000 PBX Unified VOIP.
Asterisk is what Nu Network Inc. considers the "OS of the PBX" and is responsible for much
of the core call routing/switching that occurs within the Ex 2000 VoIP PBXs.

We have modified the native Asterisk code to add reliability, stability and enterprise-class
features. Nu Network Inc. has written many codes and  layers of  software on top of the
Asterisk-based platform to create easy-to use and functional VoIP phone system for any size
company, capable of using 26 different kinds of VOIP phones and soft phones. As our
administrator software is access-able from anywhere in the world with a simple web browser, it
will make very easy to manage or upgrade.
Nu Network Inc.  make adding  telecommuters and mobility workers an easy task. Users of our
EX 2000 Voice server can take their IP phones home and plug them into their Broadband
modem. Their extension number and voicemail will follow them. They can then make phone
calls, using VoIP, that route to their main office PBX. This remains true even if the main office
PBX  is using PSTN/POTS. This means you can use  EX 2000 to gain the advantage of VoIP for
inner and intra-office free calling, even if you aren't ready to fully commit to VoIP for all of your
In addition Nu Network Inc. will manage all of the  LAN Interoperability &
Monitoring of your EX 2000(Asterisk based IP PBX). This includes DNS,
DHCP, firewall, and routing technology to maximize performance, reliability, and
the key points that you required to see in your new Telephone system.
        Multiple Auto Attendant
        Traditional Analog and Digital & Voice Over IP capability
        Voice Mail to Email
        Fax per Direct In ward Number capability
        Multiple Handset support
        Follow Me feature(follows up to 8 Phone numbers)
        Recording capability
        Paging , Intercom and many more standard features
        CDR  call detail reporting &

In addition to RECORDING ALL IP AND TRUNK & PHONE conversations
System initialization for all extensions with Follow-Me Capability
Provision all telephone sets
Gateway IP setting per station
2-Way Intercom/Voice Call
Multiple levels of Auto Attendants
Local audio conference bridge
Voicemail system (support up to 250 mail boxes), with off-site notification (Email or Pager).  No additional setup
required for endpoints.
**messages are sent as attachments to Email, so they can be accessed out of office. Working seamlessly with
Blackberry and PDA.
•        (Optional) Central Fax Server w/ fax to Email support. Fax pages received are sent to the specified Email as PDF
•        Customize inbound route and ring groups.
•        System feature included: Do-not-disturb, Calls waiting, advanced call forwarding, conference call, call transfer, call
hold and call park and all common features that you see in any advance systems.
•        Capability of remote extensions or phones using Voice-over-IP(high speed Internet service required for this
Available Gateway Cards & 26 IP Phones
26 different types of IP Phones that can be used with Ex2000 Open
source VOIP System, Many Option can be added as a new codes are
Programmed into our Switches
  • The Different IP phones  and IP gateway are
    connected to LAN
  • Dialing and communication between branches
    is through the PSTN via I P gateway or through
    the router VPN connection
  • More features can be created based on request

Key PBX telephony features includes:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Built-in visual voicemail
  • Paging/intercom
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Corporate and personal directory and many
    more features
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