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Fully Managed VoIP Service
Everybody can do VOIP , but Business VoIP systems can be complex and time consuming to deploy and manage for users. Nu Network Inc. provides fully managed VoIP services. Nu Network Inc. provides
hosted or on site switches, so that the client has the choice of both worlds with the desired options, build and supported for your company or clients.

Nu Network Inc. will do all the works , the end to end solutions with managed services. Such as Direct Line / Ring down circuit /Sip Trunking Nu Network Inc. provides many options for financial industry
such as Direct Line/ringdown or SIP trunk with reliable voice connection.

The Direct Line will provide your financial group with a private direct connection from point to point for anyone on the network without any busy signal or missed call. Brokerages and other trading
partners can rest assured , Direct Line / Ringdown Line will enhance day to day productivity and efficiency, for any user. All services of Nu Network Inc. can be used to connect to many trading systems such
as Turrett or VOIP PBXs.
Cloud Base solutions.
Business Applications and Productivity
Communications and Collaboration
Infrastructure and Business Continuity
 Full Solutions
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